This is probably the  reason for which I am writing. I think too much and if I don’t put my thoughts down, I will get lost in this endless labyrinth that is my mind. Blogging is not my first choice of setting thoughts down though. My first tries are set on paper in form of poetry or lost in a computer back home as a still unfinished book.  Chances are, I will never finish it. Chances are I will, one can never know. I only know,I need to write from time to time. I know it’s the way I can let my mind rest. And once the words are down, I can have a minute of peace.Banchet_0114

But who am I? Well, I am still trying to figure it out. Or better said, to complete something I figured out along my 22year old path. When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a princess wearing ballgowns every day and going to fabulous parties. Now, after finishing economics and being in my fourth year of law, the ball gowns have been replaced by beautiful shirts, pencil skirts and stilettos, and the princess has turned into a future lawyer. It’s funny how things change. Don’t get me wrong, I still love long fancy dresses. Just not every day.


So yes, this *me* is actually Sonia Benga. I was born in 1992 in the beautiful town of Sibiu, Romania. And even though it will always have a special place in my heart, I left it behind about three years ago, moving to Cluj and taking with me all my wishes and dreams, hoping to turn them into reality. And while I realise that I still need to work on them, I am as happy as I can be leading a life I didn’t really dream of but that fits me just perfectly. Travelling and meeting people, experiencing things I never thought I would, working until four a.m. and then starting again at eight, it might seem a crazy life, it is a crazy life, but it is the life i l<3ve. And if in between my hectic running around I manage to squeeze in a book that is not a 800 pages treaty about some law matters, then I can truly say I am happy.



The Everyday Shine was born about two and a half years ago in a tiny cafe in the centre of Cluj. In between lemonades, stories and ice creams, at one of the tiny tables in Doamna T Cafe the name came onto my lips and the moment I said it, was the moment I realised that I had found the perfect name for the blog I always dreamed of. And while my little blog has not really led the life it deserved in this time, I am planing to change that, making the shine actually shine brighter.


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