A long-expected Journey


I am once again on the road. I can’t even say how many times I’ve been on the road in the last months. I am tired and I am looking over at Diana who writes a civil procedure course and I have a strong feeling of deja vu. The only noteworthy difference is probably the size of my trolley. Except that, it’ s the same skeleton upon which we will build our mutual story. The first stop is Bucharest. We have our flight from there tomorrow at noon. To Brussels. To the ELSA Christmas Cocktai . I still can’t believe it. We bought the tickets on a moment’s whim, but I don’tregret it for a second. These past two months have gone by so fast that it seems we were getting back from Turkey only yesterday and now we’re off to a new destination.


I’ve always loved to travel. I find it one of the greatest experiences a human being can live through. And while when I was younger I didn’t really satisfy this hunger, I more than made up for it in the last years and it seems the pace will continue to grow in the years to come. I am so excited to be once again in a place I have never been before, to meddle in all the Brussels related clichés and to experience some of my own, personalised, that these 24 hours we have left seem like an eternity.

While I love chocolate probably just as much as Willy Wonka does, I daresay we share the same feeling of trying to stay away from it lately. It is not easy and fruits will never replace its taste but in Brussels they will not have to. I will drop all my restraint because pretty much everyone knows that Belgium, alongside Switzerland are fighting for the title of  world’s best chocolatemakers. And while I did taste the swiss one in it’s country, I cannot add my contribution to this competition without trying the belgian one in it’s homeland as well.


I’ ve been googleing Brussels over the last days months to check what I want to see and I came up with the most „unlikely” answer imaginable: what don’t I want to see? Starting from Brussels and all the way to Bruges, because yes, we are planing on going there as well.( Thank you Bea for the suggestion)

I feel so so lucky. Actually, I think I can say that both of us do. We have so much to be thankful regarding ELSA that if we were to start a list, we would probably still be writing on it by the time we got to Brussels tomorrow evening. I personally, am most thankful for my best friends, whom I met three years ago, and one of whom is currently sleeping across from me in our compartiment. And while there are also downs ( my phone just buzzed because of some problems that rose up with some of the work I did last night for Diana) there are so few of them that they are extremely insignificant.
We’ve been on the road for over six hours and there are still three left, but while I am looking out the window into the gloomy december landscape, I know that this time it’s not really about the journey but about the destination and the person you share it with. And even so, our journey has been rather fun, we just closed Dianas laptop after watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the n-th time while reciting the lines alongside the characters. Figures.  Yes, the journey could have been worse. And our destination is absolutely amazing.


The prejourney packing stress

Fast forward a few hours since the last paragraph.
As a little explanation: I am not good at packing. Actually, I am a disaster. When I pack for International ELSA events it takes me from 5 hours up to manage to pack a max 20 kg trolley. Last night I said it was going to be different. Which is why I am sitting on the floor in Diana’s room in Bucharest right now and I am trying to fix my bagage. 1.2. 1.2 kgs too much and I have no idea what to do with them. Diana is looking at me amused while slowly shaking her head.
” You know, I remember this exact scene 2 months ago, but we were in your room in Sibiu”  she says nearly laughing.  Ha, very funny. And in fact, two months ago I was trying to get the weight down from 21 to 20, not from 11 to ten. I am really proud of me this time though, despite this tiny problem  I managed to pack in about over an hour. I sense progress. Though for three days, so there might be something to that as well. Well, as far as I didn’t forget anything of utmost importamce, it’s all good.
I finally closed the suitcase, relatively satisfied and looked over to Diana laughing. „Well, I would say that went according to plan.” Well, besides Diana having to rush to the store to get a new suitcase, but that was a crisis pretty well handled. We ‘re both tired after the long journey. Bucharest is lovely on a winter’s night. As we both crawl into bed to get some badly needed sleep,  I can’t help smiling to myself.
Tomorrow, as a hobbit I am very fond of would say, we are going on an adventure.


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  1. Reading this makes me want to transport myself to all of the places you talk about. What an amazing journey you’ve been on! I hope that one day I can do the same and travel the world:) Thanks for sharing your adventures!
    I have a blog called laianaisabel.blogspot.com and I would love it if you stopped by!
    ❤ LaianaIsabel


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